A Time For Peace
Track 1 - Relaxation with bell
Track 2 - Relaxation without bell
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Savasana - A Time for Peace can be used as a stress relief program, a guided mediatation or an aid to induce sleep. This program has been used for centuries to relax the body and quiet the mind.

To enjoy the benefits of Savasana, find a quiet place to lie down or sit comfortably. Place a pillow or blanket under the back of the skill to elevate the head to a comfortable position. A small pillow can be put over the eyes to relax the eyes and quiet the nervous system. Another pillow or blanket can be placed under the knees to release the low back. Since the body temperature may drop, you may wish to cover the body with a blanet. Enjoy the 10 minutes of relaxation.

Use Track 1 if you wish to be roused with a bell at the end of Savasana.
Use Track 2 if you wish to stay in Savasana longer or use it to induce sleep.



Deborah Perry

Produced by Ben Price

Mastering Brett Brandon

Recorded and Mixed by Ben Price

Recorded at Yoga Center of Jackson, Jackson, TN

Visual Editing by Amy Perry

Written by Deborah Perry

Photographer: Amy Perry

Design by: Digital Toad

Special thanks to:
Tom and Susan Price, Ben Price, Amy Perry, and Richard Perry for their guidance, help, and support.